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Meet Chris

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Funding Manager

Christian has been in Real Estate for the last 20 Years, a Real Estate Investor and VP Operations with Midwest Capital Development for the last 10 of those years where he's been Investing with Different Strategies.

And for the past few years, he's been applying his knowledge to Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Real Estate Business, through a smart solution for Education in Real Estate Investing and a wide range of post-education support with assistance and resource development.


Christian Arce is an expert in the field of real estate investing, financing, and raising funding for small businesses. He shares his knowledge on financing trends to help real estate investors and entrepreneurs raise the needed funds to grow their business. Christian has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on his client’s specific situation. He is the “Go-To Guy” clients trust when seeking additional capital.

At National Corporate Credit, Christian raises capital for startups, small businesses, and large businesses, Christian's expertise ranges from raising capital for real estate projects, establishing start-up funding for the enterprising entrepreneur, and securing working capital for large companies, He works with numerous local, regional, and national commercial lenders, credit unions, and private equity firms. National Corporate Credit tracks these lender’s trends and requirements in order to position their clients to receive the most capital, with the lowest interest rate, as quickly as possible. If there is no approval, there is no fee. Christian and his team have navigated constantly changing business environments to raise more than $100 Million for his clients.

Believe in yourself and success will follow

Christian Arce


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